Curated by Rafael von Uslar
15 Dec 2000 – 27 Jan 2001

Christmas, the feast of love, is one of these rare occasions when large and diverse parts of society join in a temporary reflection upon the remains of a common religious background. This is the feast of dilletants as everyone feels called, if not chosen, to reflect upon “God” and the “world”. Such dillentantism is the basis for a playful investigation into the Christmas spirit: “Surrender” intents to explore and question the Christian concept of love based on selfsacrifice and submission. In this context, the exhibition will question the principles of politics and religion based on followership and submission. Such reflections are very much dominated by current political affairs that trouble peace on earth in Europe. This is the unique opportunity to discuss religion, love and extremist right-wing politics, all in just one little show. You’d be surprised!

“Surrender” chooses to promote such ideas as self esteem, personal autonomy and individual responsibility. It advertises the gains of resistance, courage and diversity. The willfull one-sidedness and limitation of this argumentation serves to provoke response and dialogue.

Corresponding to the private atmosphere of the gallery space, the show takes the form of a living room setting mildly decorated for a Christmas celebration. The artworks will present a kaleidoscope of positions and topics. Some of them will be made exclusively for the occasion, others selected for the context of this debate.

To encourage visitors to decide for artworks as sensible gifts of love, many of the works on show will be multiples. Souvenirs of an engaging debate, they will spread out among people, carrying forth thoughts and arguments, triggering reflection and response: sharing the wealth !

Rafael von Uslar

32 rue Blanche - 1060 Brussels - Belgium - www.aeroplastics .net
Gallery open from Wednesday till Saturday from 14.00 until 18.00

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