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PLAY SEPT 12TH ! no winners, no losers.

Satirical animations

P.O.E., a short dr. strangelove piece, by Curt Cloninger

Democratic party talk about money

The Bomb Project, by Joy Garnett

The Great Game, by John Klima

Who owns what in the media

Carnivore, by RSG (The Radical Software Group)

Antiwar Game, by Josh On

Your best source for anti war news, view points and activities

Velvet Strike, a collaborative project with Anne-Marie Schleiner

National character of, american:

The Sonic Memorial Project (by Picture Projects and dotsperinch)

War-Product-War (project by Mark Cooley)

Rethinking War Games (project by Ruth Catlow)

Democracy Now! coverage of militarization of Miami in November

Artist Name: Nick Barker – Title: this[war] =

Commission Control by Andy Deck and Joe Dellinger

"MAKE YOUR CHOICE", a dynamic anti-war-on-terror net-art project.
The concept behind the project is to explore the contradictions between the rhetoric used in the so-called "war on terror" with images of the war's effect on people.
All slogans and images are randomly inserted from a pool each time the page is reloaded, leading to more than 1,000 unique poster combinations.

Bunker : Museum of Modern Strategy

How Make Your Canary Sing The National Anthem - a comprehensive guide for to The NeoCon Con-Cons

A genuine aggressive anti-Bush website |

A political advertising contest against G.W. Bush

An incomparable dreamscape of collages

Controversial web log supposedly written from Baghdad by an an Iraqi.
Raed has written from besieged Baghdad and is still writing.

A cultural and politcal magazine, a cross between a political periodical and critical television.
Comprises essays, web logs and films, including the 'banned' version of Eminem's
WHITE AMERICA music video.

Dynamic clippings folder with the appeal of an alternative (web) magazine

Hip site with a fresh collection of short independent films.
Political, anti-political but for also music.

Powerfully political, activist site, with an eye for audio-visual techniques

Comprises intellctual references in its approach to the battle for Baghdad,
but also many family photos. Concrete faces for abstract enemies and victims